Cotton's Concrete Construction



Q: What is the cost of doing an insulated concrete form wall vs. the traditional

poured wall for a foundation ?


A:There are some variables which affect the pricing between the types of  walls we build.  However, the insulated concrete wall system provides you with benefits such as outside noise reduction and a high insulating factor to reduce year round energy costs.  Send us your  blueprints and we will prepare a cost proposal for your project.


Q:Can I build multiple floor levels using the traditional concrete  wall or the insulated concrete form system?
A:YES, but insulated concrete wall system would be the more economical choice for your project.


Q:How long does it take to receive our services ?


A:We offer certified installers of insulated concrete form systems as well as 16 years of experience installing the traditional poured wall foundation.  Our crews come to your job site prepared and stay there till your needs are met by your order.  

Q:Can  I use the same blueprint for the insulated concrete form wall system that I would use for conventional concrete construction?  


A:Yes. But it is recommended that specific prints be drawn by an architect to build an insulated concrete  form home or business.  Make sure your contractor or architect know you want to build with insulated concrete forms.  We can help you find the right architect for your project.